Club Rules and Regulations



 Rover Motorcycle Club is a Sports Club constituted for the benefit of its members.

These rules are set by the committee and have been set in place so that the club can operate effectively through the year and the clubhouses, the property, the tracks remain in the best condition and are maintained, and that the grounds are safe for members and visitors alike.

All members are expected to familiarise themselves with these rules and abide by them for their own sakes, as well as for the sake of fellow members.

  • Subscriptions are due on 1 December each year and are payable immediately. Membership renewals are to be completed and handed to the club secretary at any time during December. Membership lapses should a renewal form not be completed.
  1. Helmets are to be worn at all times when riding a quad or a motorcycle on the club’s property.
  2. No racing is allowed on the roads, the pit or parking areas, the clubhouse area or the lawns. If a rider is caught he will disciplined by the committee. Riders on bikes and quads are to observe the following:
    1. First Gear only
    2. Speed may not exceed walking speed
    3. No wheel spinning in any area within 50 metres of:
      1. Main Club House
      2. Main Parking Area
      3. MX Pits
      4. MX Parking
      5. Note: Members are requested to adhere strictly to this rule and any member failing to consider others whilst on club grounds will be asked to leave and will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. No riding, parking or pitting is allowed on the lawns in front of the clubhouse and Kiosk without prior written permission given by the Committee.
  4. Treat each other with respect.
  5. All members are entitled to police the rules of the club and report any violations to any Committee member.
  6. The allocated pits in the vicinity of the Moto X track are private and are not to be used by non-tenants. Pits are available for annual hire – contact but first peruse the pit allocation page on our web site.
  7. The MX tracks and Supercross tracks shall be closed for a week before an event or may be closed from time to time by the MX committee. Members are requested to view the Website/Email/Facebook notices in regards to such closures.
  8. All members are charge facility/track fees for the use of the MX Tracks. Daily, monthly and annual charges are available on request.
  9. No cars or vehicles allowed on the MX tracks. ( Junior or Senior)
  10. Only junior motorcycles allowed on the junior track. (50CC, PW 80)
  11. On race days the track is closed to all riders and then only opens to competitors who have entered the event.
  12. No fires allowed other than in designated areas.
  13. Do not damage the club’s buildings, structures, or property of any nature.
  14. Do not waste water.
  15. Please check the race direction of the track – do not race in the wrong direction. The MX track must be entered from the start and nowhere else. Short cuts are not allowed for the safety of fellow riders, who might be unaware you are entering the track.
  16. Take care when riding anywhere – “oncoming traffic”.
  17. The club or its property may not be used for any commercial application outside of its current constitution unless the corporate membership has been paid as determined by the current committee.
  18. No unacceptable behaviour on the Club’s Property.
  19. Riding on private property and prohibited areas without the necessary permission/permits – eg Forest, PPC etc is prohibited.
  20. In terms of Rover’s liquor licence, no alcohol may be brought and consumed within the clubhouse of the area bordered by the electric fence.
  21. The Club House and Kiosk areas are available for functions – contact .