Post Paid Practice

Dear Rover Member

By completing this request to be added to the Rover Motor Gate access for Post Paid practice fee , you hereby agree to the following:
Billing will be sent to the email address you list below as your contact email.

All outstanding post paid practice fees must be paid within 7 days of date of invoice.
You accept that this method of access includes the signing of an annual indemnity form.
Rover reserves the right to block your access (totally) should any accounts be outstanding.

Rover reserves the right to block your access based on decisions made by the committee.
Any dispute of access needs to be finalised within the 7 days of invoice period.
You agree that should you allow anyone to tailgate you in or allow anyone onto the Rover premises to practices without paying(pre/post/daily payments) that your access will be blocked immediately and a fine not exceeding R500 will be instituted against you.

You agree that this Post Paid practice fee process is for you the rider only and should you represent 2 riders(or more) that you need to inform Rover administration as such upfront.
Billing will be for periods of DAILY access.

You acknowledge that Rover will review the camera footage from time to time to ensure that no individual is bypassing the system (example sneaking in with 2 or 3 riders or opening the gate for other riders who haven't paid).

You acknowledge that this system is in place for members only and that if abuse is identified that the entire system may be revoked for you or for all riders.

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I accept the terms and conditions of Post Paid Practice as mentioned above

Any specific notes that Rover should be aware of?