Rover Pit Allocation

Pit are allocated and managed by Rover admin only. No buying or selling of pits may occur between members. Pits are rented on an annual basis only and the pit contract is renewed in the membership cycle periods. Please refer to your pit agreement for any further information. Please contact for information regarding pits.

These pits are currently allocated to members

Pit # 2020 Type
1 Stefan Lerm LARGE
2 PLOT-Available
3 Hayden Krull SMALL
4 Tyrell Cosby SMALL
5 Andre Swart LARGE
6 Allan Mills / Diesel & General LARGE
7 Just Property / Paul Stevens LARGE
8 Charl Buys LARGE
9 Auto Motorcycles LARGE
10 Chris Botha SMALL
11 Iain Alcock SMALL
12 Kyle Ross-Rehse open
13 Neville Townsend LARGE
14 Debbie Mostert LARGE
15 Stuart Laing LARGE
16 Steve Hickson Mahony LARGE
17 Craig Kruger LARGE
18 Brian Renison / Rencor LARGE
19 Philip Weise  / Solid Pave & Repairs LARGE
20 Shaun Carver LARGE
21 Roelof Van Rooyen LARGE
22 Danie Strydom LARGE
23 SMALL -Available
24 Andre Retief SMALL
25 Cornel Delport PLOT
26 Teagan Austin SMALL
27 Nolan Oosthuizen LARGE
28 PLOT-Available
29 PLOT-Available
30 PLOT-Available
31 Dillon Simpson SMALL
32 Chris Van Der Walt SMALL
33 Natasha Van Vuuren SMALL
34 Heinrich Pienaar LARGE
35 PLOT -Available
36 Lisa Brunette / The Rocket Seed LARGE

The waiting list is as follows:

Paul Stevens close to main 11/01/2020 Current Pit 7, Request Closer to Senior Track
Dillon Simpson close to main 11/01/2020 Current Pit 31, Request Closer to Senior Track
Brent Delange Next to Roelof 30/01/2020 Email sent 16/10/2020 to Confirm if still interested
Nolan Oosterhuizen Close to  Track 20/07/2020 Current Pit 27, Request Closer to Senior Track (specifically next to Pit 21)
Eldon Leonard Pit 11 / Or Similar 04/09/2020 Any available Options
Wayne Van Vuuren Pit 11 / Or Similar 16/10/2020 Current Pit 33, Request Closer to Senior Track  (Specifically Pit 11)
Tarquin Walker Any Pit 16/10/2020 Any available Options
Teagan Austin Close to Jnr Track 26/10/2020 Offer all options

Pit drawing is an indication of the layout –not to scale

Last updated list date :  27/10/2020